About Us

The Santa Ana River Water Company (SARWC) is a mutual water company that currently supplies water to a population of approximately 6,500 people.

Our Mission

Santa Ana River Water Company strives to provide shareholder’s reliable water delivery of high quality water while balancing the costs of water delivered.


In March 1925, the Santa Ana River Water Company was established as a Mutual Water Company. Today Santa Ana River Water Company has issued close to 8,000 shares to 2,000 shareholders, qualifying them for water service. All shares are still connected to the land and cannot be transferred to anyone outside the service area. The company operates under a permit issued by the California Department of Public Health and complies with all California Domestic Water Quality and Monitoring Regulations of the California Health and Safety Code.

Water Sources

SARWC receives water from Jurupa Community Services District through inter-ties and is a member agency of the Chino Basin Desalter Authority (CDA). The CDA purifies brackish groundwater extracted from the lower Chino Basin with the Chino I and II Desalter facilities and distributes the drinking water to its member agencies. The Chino I and II Desalters serve the dual purpose of providing a reliable water supply and managing groundwater quantity and quality in the region.

Service Area

Santa Ana River Water Company Service District